Cats and Crickets

Cats often enjoy a good game of chase with their prey even if their prey is just cricket. Most cats enjoy the chase back and forth, the final pounce, and the victory catch followed by hours or maybe just minutes of fun playing with their catch. Crickets can be fun for cats, but what if your cat doesn’t just catch them, but also eats them? Can cats eat crickets? Generally, eating one or two will not hurt your cat, but if your cat is eating a bunch then you’ll need to do something. Discourage your cat from eating crickets by giving her a snack of her own. Spray your yard with pet-safe spray to keep the crickets out. Crickets could be covered with pesticides that could hurt your cat if the cricket is eaten. If your cat appears to be sick after eating a cricket, please call your vet clinic Lakeville, MN.


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