Does My Indoor Cat Need a Vet?

Yes, all cats should have a vet. Whether your cat is an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, he should still have a vet. Why? All cats need to be vaccinated regularly. Cats that live indoors may not come in contact with outside cats, but they still need to be vaccinated. This will protect against any chance that your cat escapes your home and ends up in the outdoors. Rabies is one of the most important vaccinations for a cat to receive. The rabies vaccination takes no time to be given by a vet. If your cat is unvaccinated and comes in contact with a rabid animal chance of survival is low to none. In addition, some states and regions require cats to be registered and vaccinated. If you don’t have a vet for your cat, please call your local veterinary clinic Cameron Park, CA to set up a first-time visit.


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