The Basenji

Are you familiar with the Basenji breed of canine? It is said to be an ancient dog with origins dating back to early Egypt. Archeologists have seen paintings and drawings of the Basenji on ancient Egyptian art pieces and many hieroglyphic masterpieces. The Basenji is a unique dog in that he is mostly quiet. He doesn’t bark. In fact, he can’t really bark because of the shape of his larynx. The Basenji was born with a larynx that is shaped differently than other dogs. The air is forced through creates a yodel type sound instead of a bark. This makes the Basenji a great candidate for apartment living. In addition to this unique trait, the Basenji is also cat like in many ways. He’s intelligent, independent and a self-groomer. He also likes to stalk his prey in a feline type fashion. You can learn more about the Basenji by consulting with your veterinarians San Antonio, TX.


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