Why You Should Socialize Your Cat

Your cat’s ability to adjust to his environment will depend largely on how well he socialized when he was a kitten. Was it filled with positive experiences? Was it rich? Was he able to experience many things? Interactions? Socialization is an important training that cats should receive while still young. This will prepare them for the rigors of life.

A cat’s general behavior is tempered during the socialization period – also known as desensitization. During this period they learn to develop their self-confidence, learn how to cooperate with others, and to react appropriately to certain situations. It is however unfortunate that some cat owners do not recognize the value of socialization at an early age.

Leash walks, visits to new places, meeting acquaintances, crate training, introduction to grooming routines, to cat equipment such as scratching posts or pads should all be part of a cat's socialization.

You may consult with your veterinarians Tipp City, OH to know whether your kitten is ready with socialization activities.


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