Chinchilla Myths

Chinchillas are furry, playful, and funny little creatures. If you’re not familiar with a chinchilla, read up on them before purchasing one. Watch out for the occasional chinchilla myth though. For instance, a popular myth says that if you touch a chinchilla he will go bald. A variation is if you pet your chinchilla too much his hair will fall out. Some myths even say a chinchilla’s fur will mold if he gets wet. Don’t be turned off by these myths. They are simply not true. A chinchilla will not go bald if you pet him too much. Chinchilla do, however, shed a lot and need to be groomed regularly. Chinchillas will not mold if they get wet. However, if they do get wet then you should dry them thoroughly so they don’t get cold. For more facts and not myths, talk with your Anderson, IN veterinary clinic.


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