Grooming 101 Of Pot-Bellied Pigs

Having a pot-bellied pig as a pet requires commitment and some hard work to make them presentable. You would need to bathe it daily, clean its ears, or trim their tusks, and hooves. 


Bathing your pet pig is no easy task. You will need to have a lot of patients since pigs are drawn to mud and anything they can get their snouts on. When bathing your pet, use a mild shampoo to remove dirt and keep their skin clean without becoming too dry.

Hoof Trims

Trimming the hooves of the pig is necessary to prevent them from overgrowing and curling. Outdoor pigs usually have their hooves cut by frequent walking on rough surfaces while those that are indoor need regular hoof trimming.

Ear cleaning

Clean the pig’s ear by using cotton dipped with cleanser or you can use baby wipes for the purpose.

Tusk Care

Your animal hospital Salisbury, NC may see the need to cut the tusk of a neutered pot-bellied pig.


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