Heartworm Infection In Pet Ferrets

Heartworms are internal parasites carried by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes acquire them by sucking the blood of infected hosts. It can be transferred to ferrets when they are bitten by infected mosquitoes. To prevent your pet from getting infected, there are several ways to keep them safe from heartworms that also attacked the heart of dogs, cats among others.

Heartworms live in the chambers of the heart. Their presence can block the circulation of the blood. As a result, the heart would have to pump blood irregularly in order to achieve the body's normal blood circulation. Its abnormal action can cause the heart to enlarge which can trigger force in the chest and other organs of the body. Ferrets with heartworms could die due to heart enlargement and respiratory failure. It is critical to determine and act on the problem as soon as possible before the heartworm could multiply inside the heart of the ferret. Matters involving the prevention and treatment of heartworms should be consulted with your vet clinic Lawrenceville, GA.


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