Do Small Dogs Really Live Longer Than Large Dogs?

If you’re planning to get a dog as a life-long companion then you better get yourself a small breed. Yep! Small breeds, as studies show, tend to live significantly longer than their big-breed counterparts. At only 7 years of age, large dogs are already considered as seniors. Compare this to a Chihuahua who will have been middle-aged at the same age. Size and life expectancy was shown to have a negative correlation based on a research conducted by Dr. Cornelia Kraus of University of Göttingen in Germany. To put things in perspective, Dr. Kraus’ results determined that for every 4.4 pound of a dog’s body weight, lifespan decreased by 1 a month. Cancer was also one illness that larger dog breeds tend to succumb to more easily compared to smaller breeds. This, Dr. Kraus explains, may have something to do with large dog breeds’ rapid aging. Smaller breeds also tend to have more pampered lives compared to their large-breed counterparts. 

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