What's Causing My Dog's Runny Nose?

Is your dog experiencing a runny nose? As an owner, you must know that there are many reasons to a dog’s runny nose. While it may be true that a runny nose may indicate an underlying sickness it can also be that your dog is just excited. Nevertheless, we can never be too sure. 

Watery Discharge 

Anxiety can cause a runny nose in dogs. The discharges from the nose are wet and clear and will likely disappear when your dog relaxes. Have your pooch checked if the discharges continue for several hours or even days. 


A runny nose may also be an indication of an allergy. Like humans, dogs are also allergic to certain elements or substances in the environment. Again, expect to see a clear nasal discharge. 


There are more serious reasons why your dog has a runny nose. A few of these may involve kennel cough or worse, canine distemper. 

A visit to your vet care Bend, OR can help establish what’s causing your pet’s runny nose so treatment can be started immediately. 


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