Risks Of Pet Obesity

Obesity has turned into an awful pandemic that has affected the dog population in the US and throughout the world. The truth is that more than 50 percent of the dog population is now overweight or obese. By carrying excess pounds, a dog boosts its risks of getting serious health issues, thus it's extremely important for you to regularly monitor your beloved pet's diet and weight. Many studies have demonstrated that obesity can diminish a dog's lifespan by as much as two to three years. Not only that, but obesity will also boost a dog's risk of getting kidney disease, osteoarthritis, diabetes, heart problems, respiratory disease, as well as various forms of cancer. Moreover, the excess weight brought on by obesity will put pressure on a dog's joints, and this in turn will boost the risk for getting arthritis (thereby hurting your dog and his mobility going forward). Grooming will also suffer, and this will result in pets looking dirty. 

Give your vet Acupuncture a call in creating a weight loss program for your pet.


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