Why Dogs Should Stay Indoors

Some dog owners think that outdoor dogs or those dogs that are given much outdoor time are much happier. While it’s true that dogs that spend time outdoors get a lot more physical and mental stimulation, but a good number of dog experts are worried and are opposed to this idea. Their main concerns involve the various risks or hazards that dogs can be exposed to while outdoors. 

The following are some of the potential threats to dogs when they are outdoors: 

  • Dogs that are allowed to go outdoors or stay outside the house tend to be more at risk of becoming stressed and this could bring about some behavioral issues including getting aggressive, digging, or even excessive barking. 
  • Dogs that stay are allowed outdoors could stray and get hit by passing cars. They're also at risk of exposure to parasites, toxins, and diseases. 

If you bring your beloved dog outdoors or let him stay outside your house, make sure to bring him to your preferred vet Flat Rock, NC regularly as well. Visit this website Kanuga Animal Clinic to know more.


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