Hypocalcemia In Pet Birds

African parrots and other pet birds have high risk of developing calcium deficiency in the blood (also known as hypocalcemia). Pet birds that are kept indoors don’t get to have enough exposure to natural light or a full-spectrum UVB light making them vulnerable to developing hypocalcemia. Lack of calcium in the body can make pet birds prone to bone fractures and seizures. Calcium is important in keeping bones strong; it is also important in maintaining the function of the nervous system. Letting your feathered pet stay in an enclosed, bird-proof patio, or allowing some supervised outdoor time will give your pet access to natural sunlight. 

After a thorough checkup and some tests, your vet Saskatoon, Saskatchewan may prescribe a beta carotene supplement (a vitamin A precursor) for your hypocalcemic pet bird. Vitamin A promotes the function of the uropygial gland, an organ that plays an important role in the metabolism of calcium in birds. You can also offer calcium supplements and/or mineral blocks, cuttlebones, or almonds to ensure sufficient intake of the nutrient.


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