Measures to Address Owner-Absent Behaviors In Cats

If your first instinct in disciplining your cat’s bad behavior is to punish them, then this may be a counterintuitive method. There are ways for you to work around your cat’s behaviors even when you’re not around to supervise his activities. 

Pay close attention to your cat’s surroundings as this greatly impacts the way he behaves. Tiny but conscious changes to his environment will allow you to tweak your cat’s behavior even when you’re not physically at home. Booby traps are en effective technique to use if you don’t want your cat entering certain rooms or areas in the house. Since you’re not physically there when your cat trips on some of the traps she’ll still think that you’re the good guy. Booby traps are easy to set up and cheap. Another proven method of remote corrective measures is the use of scents that cats naturally don’t like. Scents such as citrus-scented fresheners, and eucalyptus oil on cotton balls are natural deterrents for cats. Using other methods such as placing vinyl carpet runners upside down, double-sided tape, or aluminum foil on surfaces where you don’t want your cat are also proven to be effective. 

To know more about your cat’s behavior and health, visit your animal hospital Greater Cincinnati.


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