Hamsters and Seizures

Hamsters can occasionally have seizures over the course of their lifetime. You can talk with your vet to learn about the chances of your hamster having a seizure. Seizures are rare, but can happen. Knowing what to watch for or how to recognize a seizure when it’s happening can help your hamster. Seizures occurring in hamsters are not always as dramatic as in other animals or even humans. When a hamster has a seizure he usually just starts to walk around with his head tilted or just appear to be walking as though he’s dizzy or a little confused. Convulsions or other sporadic behavior is not typical for hamsters as it is in other animals such as dogs and cats. If you think your hamster is having a seizure, please call your vet. Do not interfere with your hamster’s seizure. Instead, allow it top lay out and follow the instructions of your animal hospital Lexington, KY.


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