Giving Your Grey Parrot Free Time

Did you know that giving your Grey parrot free time to roam around outside of his cage is a great way for him to get his exercise? Physical and mental stimulation for parrots is a must and this can be achieved through exercise. Parrots can become bored easily. When this happens, they often start to develop bad habits such as chewing, plucking their feathers, or screeching. Keeping them occupied and helping them release energy can help prevent bad habits. One way to exercise is to let your bird out of his cage to sit on a perch in the open. He can hop from different levels of the perch. Your parrot may also like hopping up and down small stairs. You can place a blanket on the floor to mark his boundaries and allow him to hop around freely on his own. Just supervise from a short distance. For more tips, give your veterinarians Middletown, DE a call.


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