Treating the Demoid Sinus Skin Defect in Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Both the Rhodesian and Thai Ridgebacks are known to develop a tubular skin defect called a dermoid or pilonidal sinus. These defects or skin ailments are known to show up along the back, the neck or upper spine of the dog. If your dog has one then you should talk with your vet to learn options for treatment and repair. For some dogs, there are no outward signs while in others there is a protrusion of hair along the back and a tube or cord can be felt below the skin. If the skin secretes a discharge, it must be cleansed and treated regularly to avoid infection or possible abscess growth. If the sinus becomes infected it is suggested that it be surgically removed. In some cases, the sinus or skin defect can attach itself to the lining of the spinal cord and cause neurological symptoms. Your vet clinic Anderson, IN can tell you treatment in this case would be aggressive surgical removal. You can also visit website to learn more.


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