Can Cat Have Hot Spots?

Yes, cats can get hot spots. What are hot spots? Hot spot is a term used to describe areas on your cat’s skin that are extremely itchy, irritated, sensitive to the to touch or even hot to the touch. If you see your cat constantly chewing on her legs or tail constantly over a period of a day or two then she may have a hot spot brewing. Talk with your vet and schedule an exam to find out what the root of the problem could be. The hot spot could be developing because of skin allergies or food allergies that are making an appearance via hot spots on the skin. Your cat may also be chasing a flea or tick, which could cause a hot spot when biting your cat. Additional causes of hot spots include other insect bites, poor grooming, or underlying skin infections. Consult with your pet clinic Mt. Airy MD for treatment options.


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