Why Cats Have Potty Problems

Your cat will find and do his elimination someplace else if he dislikes his litter box for one reason or another. Cat potty problems are quite common and you need to address this as early as you possibly can. If your beloved cat has been guilty of making potty accidents lately, you should certainly take a serious look at his litter box to find out why. Finding the root cause would enable you to address the problem quickly. 

The following list shows the possible reasons why your cat is avoiding his litter box: 

  • If the litter box is covered, it can inadvertently lock out your beloved cat 
  • Urine marking by intact females and males 
  • Insufficient living space 
  • There might be a dominant cat that's preventing a submissive cat from using his litter box 
  • Your cat is in stress 
  • There are not enough litter boxes for all the cats in the entire household 
  • Outdoor cats are being seen by an indoor-only cat 

A change in your pet’s elimination habits should require a visit to your animal hospital Lakewood Ranch, FL.


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