How to Help Your Blind Dog Cope With His Disability

Eye problems can happen to any and all dogs, regardless of their age. And the way an affected dog acts in response to the eye problem would largely depend on the dog's condition as well as age. 

For dogs that have been born blind, they are remarkably able to adjust well to their disability. Young dogs are able to cope quite well with it too. Older dogs find it a lot harder to adjust to this disability. Generally, a dog takes around 3 to 6 months to adjust to this disability; some dogs might take a little longer. There are other factors that could affect a blind dog's ability to cope with the situation, such as training, prior experience, as well as the onset of blindness. 

If you have observed a few potential signs of an eye problem in your beloved dog, do not hesitate to give your vet Lakewood Ranch, FL a quick visit.


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