Dentist Visit for Dogs Like the Akita

Dogs need to see a dentist on a routine basis no matter their age, breed or size. Like people, dogs need to have their teeth professionally cleaned on a routine basis. They also need to have their teeth checked for any signs of cavities, plaque and tartar buildup, etc. Dogs can sometimes develop gingivitis, which is suggested to be one of the first stages of gum disease or periodontal diseases. During a dental exam, this areas can be found and cleaned. Your vet can help you schedule a dental exam with the office or with a dental veterinarian if necessary. During the dental exam, your Akita or other breed of canine may be sedated so the dentist can look more closely at the teeth and gums. The teeth may be scraped of excessive plaque, calculus buildup, etc. During this time the dentist may pull rotted or infected teeth. You should schedule regular dental cleanings and checkups with your animal hospital Anderson IN team.


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