Ear Mites in Cats

Did you know that cats can get ear mites? If you see your cat constantly scratching at his ears and shaking his head or even biting at his ears, please call your vet and setup an appointment. These could be signs of ear infections, ear aches, or even the presence of ear mites. Some cats have been known to develop ear mites, which are basically tiny crab-like parasites often found in the outer ear or ear canal. There are different tpesof mites, but the main ones often found in the ear or referred to as ear mites is the OtodectesCynotis. Additional symptoms of ear mites may include dried blood in the ear, white dots in the ear (these are the mites), loss of balance, flattened ears or an odor coming from the ears. Do not stick anything into your cat’s ear or self treat your cat. Instead, call your veterinarians Aurora CO for assistance


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