Cushing’s Disease in Horses

Are you familiar with Cushing’s disease in horses? If your horse looks like he’s a lot fluffier than usual and it’s not even wintering then he could have Cushing’s disease. If your horse is drinking a lot more no matter the time of year then he could have Cushing’s disease. Of course, these can also be signs of other illnesses. Either way, if you notice a change in your horse’s coat and drinking habits then contact your vet for an evaluation. Horses that have Cushing’s disease often have a tumor that has developed in the pituitary gland causing incorrect signals to be sent from the gland to the rest of the body. This could result in the secretion of excessive hormones. Symptoms of Cushing’s disease may include laminitis or founder, weight loss, ulcers in the mouth, excessive thirst, excessive urination, abnormally long or thick coats, etc. Consult with your veterinarians Dahlonega, GA to learn more.


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