Dealing With Fur Biting in Chinchillas

Fur biting has been previously thought to be a form of anti-social behavior exhibited by chinchillas. But many experts that study the behavior of chinchillas aren't convinced and think it must be due to something else.

Many of the chinchillas that exhibit fur biting behavior are usually lacking in terms of mental and physical stimulation. Chinchillas can exhibit fur biting and other behavioral problems when they are experiencing boredom. When chinchillas stay inside the same enclosure and encounter conflicts, they can also resort to fur biting. Still, others do fur biting as a coping mechanism because they are under some form of stress. Moreover, there are some medical problems in chinchillas that can lead to fur biting.

If intervention is not done early, you would likely see a chinchilla that looks dirty and with a choppy-looking hair coat. Since fur biting would not be resolved on its own like many behavior problems, you need to step in as a pet owner and help your pet resolve this issue.

Sudden changes in your pet’s health and/or behavior should require a visit to your animal hospital Savannah, GA.


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