How to Hold Your New Kitten

Did you know there’s a recommended or suggested way to hold a kitten? Like a baby, you need to make sure you hold your kitten with extra gentleness and care. Your vet can help you learn how to hold a kitten in a way that gives the kitten the comfort and support he needs. Holding the kitten in a way to is comfortable will enable the kitten to feel more relaxed and not fight to get down. One way to hold a kitten is by using your writing hand to gently grip the kitten behind its front legs. Then use your opposite hand to scoop the kitten up by his bum or backend. Ensure that the tail his tucked between the kitten’s legs so he doesn’t get hurt. Hold the kitten close to your body. When setting the kitten down, remember to support his body and make sure all four feet touch the ground. Call your veterinary clinic Aurora CO for more information.


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