Rewarding Your Cat with Healthy Treats

When your cat she has been good, she tolerated a nail clipping or even just because you love her, give her a treat. However, to keep her from getting obese, limit the number of treats. Reward your cat with non-food treats instead. Consider praising or petting her instead. Playing with your cat can be rewarding too. Catnip can be a wonderful treat to play with if your cat reacts to it. If you enjoy baking, you can find plenty of healthy homemade treat recipes on the Internet. Don’t give your cat raw meat. Raw meat can expose your cat to salmonella or other food-borne toxins. If you buy commercial treats, choose healthy varieties from the big US-based companies. These large companies have the infrastructure to keep treats safe. And they can recall them quickly if something goes wrong. Check that all ingredients are recognizable. Avoid dyes and preservatives in treats. Contact your Indianapolis, IN vet to learn more.


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