Top Things Your Dog Wants You to Know

It's possible that you're not aware of some of your dog's secrets despite living with him in the same house for a very long time. If you can discover some of them, it might prove helpful in terms of finding out the root cause of his behaviors and caring for him a lot better. Check out the following list which might help you:

Going in a circle prior to "doing his business"

A study done concerning dogs' elimination habits has shown that dogs like to align themselves with the north-south axis whenever they plan to "do their business" (the proper term is "defecate").

Each dog may have a specific bed preference

Dogs have certain bed preferences just like humans. A bumper bed would be preferred by a dog that loves to curl up, while others might prefer a flat bed.

A wagging tail might not always mean a dog's friendly

There are various reasons why dogs wag their tails. Wagging a tail might mean a dog is friendly, annoyed, angry, agitated, or something else.

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