How Spaying And Neutering Help Save Dogs and Cats

The constant and uncontrolled hike in the population of dogs and cats has brought us to a point where many of these uncared-for pets end up in rescue facilities or animal shelters, and many of them end up getting euthanized, regrettably. To prevent the further hike in pet overpopulation, many experts recommend procedures that curb population growth called spaying (for females) and neutering (for males). Not only that, but these procedures provide huge behavioral as well as medical benefits to pets that undergo them. Benefits vary for dogs and cats. For instance, female cats and dogs that have been spayed have lower risk of getting critical problems related to the reproductive organs and mammary glands such as pyometra, metritis, ovarian cysts, as well as mammary tumors. Meanwhile, neutering (for males) helps get rid or reduce risks for prostate issues, perineal hernias, perianal growths as well as testicular tumors. Neutering also reduces dominant behaviors and the urge to go outdoors and look for female mates.

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