Having a House That’s Pet-Friendly

It's wildly important that you prepare and in fact, dog-proof your home before bringing home a new dog in order to stave off any potential problems and incidents later on. It's your responsibility, as a pet owner, to create and manage a safe and comfortable place for you, your pet, as well as your entire family, and commit to keeping it as such.

You should provide housetraining as well as obedience training to your dog as soon as you possibly can. This also includes crate training your beloved new furry friend. It's been found that crate training is an important part of housetraining as well as other basic training programs.

If your pet is a messy eater, you can put an absorbent mat right under your pet's water and food bowls to prevent or reduce the mess that he makes. Regular grooming is also an important part of your commitment to your pet.

If you have concerns about your pet’s needs, talk to your vet Fox Lake IL


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