Finches Are Social Creatures

Finches are popular pets because they are very sociable and very friendly. Because of their amiable quality, you can house them together in one big cage. Pet owners should be vigilant because they can sometimes become unruly and aggressive especially when there are numerous of them in one cage. They are very pleasant to the eyes because of their colors. Also, they can be very entertaining because of their trick, and they can even sing. However, they can become defensive especially when they are being handled especially when they are not used to it. They hardly bite compared to other birds but when they do, it is nothing serious or deadly. Taming finches is possible as time goes by and with considerable patience. With daily interaction, they become more comfortable and passive to their situation, and touching them is no longer burdensome. 

Proper and safe handling of your pet requires that you place your thumb and forefinger on both sides of the bird’s head while the other finders are wrapped around its body. Make sure that your grip on the bird’s body is not too tight. 

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