Ensuring A Quality Life For Your Arthritic Cat

Arthritis could have a substantial and negative impact on your cat's life, and it's up to you as a pet owner to make his everyday life a lot more comfortable despite the illness. You can consider the following tips so you can help improve your beloved cat's quality of life: 

Monitor and maintain your cat's weight at a healthy limit 

This is one of the best ways you can support your cat. More weight means more pressure on your cat's joints, and it can set off some localized irritation and inflammation on those joints. If your cat is overweight, you need to help him lose all those excess pounds in a gradual manner; otherwise, metabolic problems could be set off. Work with your preferred vet so you can come up with an appropriate weight loss program for your beloved cat. 

Make simple changes to the environment 

By making simple but effective changes to your cat's surroundings would do wonders. Simple changes such as giving him a more comfortable bed or bed pillow, ramps, low-sided litter trays can really make his life more comfortable. 

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