Feeding Your Kitten -- Are You Doing It Right?

With their small stomachs young cats can efficiently digest and metabolize food and nutrients with small, frequent feeding. Knowing how much your pet should eat per day will make it easier for you to divide it equally into several smaller meals that should be given at certain hours throughout the day. Consistency is very important because cats are creatures of habit. They will know when it’s time for another meal. For older cats, twice-a-day feeding is good enough. 

Newly weaned kittens can be allowed to ‘graze’, meaning kitten food is available in their food bowls throughout the day to encourage them to eat. They can be on free-choice feeding until they’re 4-6 months old. There is less risk of stomach distention with free-choice feeding. The problem is often associated when kittens hurry through their meals. Finicky kittens or those that are underweight or slow-growing can also benefit from being allowed to ‘graze’.

For more information about your pet’s dietary needs visit your animal clinic Plano, TX.


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