How To Check If Your Dog Is Carrying Excess Weight

Getting to see and interact with your pet pooch daily can make you oblivious to changes in his body, especially when they get obese. Because we get used to seeing our dog it can be quite hard to spot any changes in his physique until they get sick. Your dog’s haircoat, especially when thick, will also make it hard to spot your dog’s condition. To make it easier, be objectively observant with your dog’s physical condition, use your hands if you have to so you can get a feel for his body. A good technique is to check your dog’s waistline, stand beside him and inspect if he still has a waistline after the rib area. The lack of a waistline suggests that your dog may need to shed some extra pounds. Another technique is by checking your dog’s chest and ribs. Check if it is easily felt or not, ideally, it should be, otherwise, exercise is needed to get rid of excess weight. 

Do visit your veterinarian Frisco, TX before making any changes on your pet’s diet or physical activity.


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