Hazards Pets Can Be Exposed During Winter

Changes in weather conditions can affect your pets, especially during the cold season. The extreme cold poses a serious threat to their health. Hence, pet owners should take extra precautions in taking care of their animals during this time, and they should also establish some safeguards to protect them from the danger of fireworks and anti-freeze. 

The popularity of anti-freeze agents surges during the cold season. It can be found in your home, or garage where your pet cats and dogs get attracted to it because of its appealing taste and smell. Despite its appearance, it is a dangerous additive that can be fatal to your pet so always be cautious and keep your pet out of harm’s way. 

New Year celebration is never the same without firework display. Despite the cold and snowy weather, it is often used to welcome the New Year. If possible, do not light any fireworks on your lawn or within the hearing distance of your pets because they are afraid of loud sounds. As much as possible, keep them away from the noise by enclosing them on a sound-proof area or distract them with other sounds. 

If you have concerns about your pet’s health and/or behavior do call your vet clinic Frisco, TX.


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