Managing Gingivitis in Cats

Cats that are diagnosed with gingivitis need to follow a few lifestyle changes in order to help treat the gingivitis and to prevent it from occurring again or becoming worse. One thing you can start doing is adding some hard morsel cat food to your cat’s diet. This can be given in addition to wet food or in place of the wet food. Crunching on hard morsels naturally helps break down plaque build-up. You should also start brushing your cat’s teeth at home on a regular basis. You can use a vet approved toothbrush and toothpaste or use pet dental wipes to simply wipe down the teeth. Gauze will also work to wipe down the teeth. You may want to ask about an antibacterial spray designed to be sprayed on your cat’s teeth to reduce plaque build-up as well. Consult with your animal hospital New Orleans, LA for additional tips.


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