Dogs and Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds in canines can be a common occurrence or it can be a sign of an injury or underlying illness. Whether you thin it’s common or not, give your vet a call and tell him if your dog has had a nosebleed. Even if it’s just one nosebleed, it’s a good idea to make your vet aware and talk about possible treatment. Possible reasons for nosebleeds could include a few things including a condition called coagulopathy. This is when the blood does not clot as it should. Your dog could just bump his nose and start a nosebleed with this condition and it would seem much worse because of the amount of blood. Other causes include wounds or injuries that might not be apparent such as snake bites. Nose bleeds could also be the signal of a more serious condition like cancer, leukemia or other diseases. If your dog has a nosebleed, don’t panic, just call your vet New Orleans, LA


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