Do Cats Need a Collar?

Whether your cat wears a collar or not is really up to you as the owner. Collars are a great way to provide your cat with a little personal style. Collars are also useful in attaching tags for ID purposes. You can pick a tag at the store, engrave it with your cat’s name and emergency contact information and attach it to the collar. If your cat is an outside cat then you should consider a collar with a breakaway attachment. If your cat gets the collar stuck on something it will easily break off and set your cat free. If your cat lives indoors then you may not want to have her wear a collar. Just be sure she’s microchipped incase she accidentally gets out of the house and gets lost. If you walk your cat then you may need the collar or opt for a harness instead. Talk with your veterinary clinic Dutchess County, NY for assistance.

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