Teething in Kittens Like the Siamese Kitten

Did you know that kittens teethe? If you’re kitten is biting excessively, drooling, spiking a fever now and again or just doesn’t fell well, then give your vet a call and schedule a checkup. Your kitten could be ill or she could just be teething. Kittens typically start to get their teeth in at around two weeks of age. Common signs of teething may include sore gums, irritability, mouth shyness, lack of interest in playing or loss of appetite. During teething, try to avoid playing rough and avoid playing with toys that may be too hard for her mouth. Don’t brush your cat’s teeth at this point either. Give her time and her new teeth will come in soon. In the meantime, don’t play too rough and only feed her soft foods that she can smack on with her gums. For more tips, please give your vet clinic Dutchess County, NY a call.


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