Amazing Facts About Great Danes

A sight to behold, the Great Dane is such a captivating breed wherever it goes. Because of the Great Dane's form, size, as well as temperament, a lot of potential Great Dane owners covet it and want to bring them home as a pet. If you are like one of these pet lovers who would want to have a Great Dane puppy to bring home, you'd be surprised to find out some of the following facts about this wonderful breed: 

  • A Great Dane looks large and therefore you might think like everybody else that it's a voracious eater. The truth is, Great Danes have very simple dietary needs. A full-grown, adult Great Dane only needs to ea around 2 to 3 cups of dog food for each meal. Avoid the rapid growth of your pup by giving it too much protein-rich puppy food. 
  • A Great Dane is not that energetic, so they would suit fine living in an apartment. But daily exercise is needed. 

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