Signs of Gingivitis in Cats

Gingivitis can happen in cats like it happens in people. Gingivitis is a gum disease that generally causes inflammation and irritation to the teeth and gums. Some of the main signs or symptoms of gingivitis in cats is bad breath along with inflammation of the gums. These signs do not always mean gingivitis, but they are signs that your cat should see a vet to have her teeth and gums examined. Some research indicates that more than 80 percent of pets three years and older develop some form of gingivitis. Additional common signs of gingivitis in cats include red or swollen gums. The inflammation is especially present on the side of the gums facing the inner cheeks. If your cat appears to have a lot of plaque or calculus build-up on the surface of the teeth this could also indicate gingivitis. Talk with your trusted animal hospital Decorah IA to know more.


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