Your Dog's Poop Can Say A Lot About His Health

Did you know that your dog’s poop can say a lot about your dog’s health? It may not be too pleasant to watch your dog poop, but it’s important to pay attention every now and then to ensure that he’s not straining or having trouble pooping. In addition, you should note what color the poop is. The color can say a lot about your dog’s health too. For instance, is there any blood in the poop? Is the poop green? Dark poop can sometimes indicate blood in the poop. This may be a sign of a range of illnesses from common to serious. If you ever note a dark stool, please notify your vet. If possible, put a sample in a plastic baggie and take it to your vet for testing. Your dog may need to go to the office for a checkup or treatment may be provided over the phone. Consult with your pet clinic Santa Rosa, CA for additional information. 


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