Dog Training -- Avoid Confusing Your Dog With Mixed Signals

Prompting signals are important to dogs that are undergoing training. They are not good at taking in mixed signals. It clouds their mind. Training them with repeated signals makes them familiar with the command before responding. 

Body language is also important during training. They are more sensitive to any physical movement of their owner and less receptive to spoken orders. Wrong body language might confuse your dog hence you must be uniform in all your actions. 

So that your dog will not be confused, train your dog to acquire good behavior by using the formula; positive reinforcement plus command. Wait for your dog to react after the command. If he follows through, be quick to reward the behavior with his favorite treat. Avoid being impatient while waiting for your dog to respond. It takes a few minutes to absorb the instruction. Should your dog fail to react the way you want him to, repeat the action a couple of times before issuing another command. 

If you have concerns about your pet’s behavior, contact your vet clinic Ellicott City, MD.


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