Dog Training: Be a Great Alpha Leader

Being a great alpha leader does not always equate to being dominant over your beloved dog and showing him who's the real leader. It is typical for some so-called alpha leaders to use the "alpha roll" in their dog training. The alpha roll is a roll wherein a trainee dog is forced to roll on his back while held down. This trick can bring about confusion and fright in the trainee dog, or worse it could make the dog bite the "alpha trainer" as a form of self-defense mechanism.

It's totally fine for you to act as the alpha leader so you can establish hierarchy and make all your "members" follow you. But you can accomplish just that without sowing any useless conflict among the pack members. A great alpha leader is not a bully, but a benevolent one. You can control your pet's behavior without applying dominance and creating power struggles. Always focus on using constructive training techniques to achieve your training goals. 

If you have concerns about your pet’s behavior, do consult your pet clinic Columbia, MD.


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