Tips For Socializing Cats

Cats benefit from socialization. They learn to be confident and can easily cope up with stress during their adult years. Socialization is a great learning experience for your cat as they are a source of new learning situations, sights, sounds, and scents – generally a process known as “desensitization”. Allowing your cat to be exposed to different environments and interactions builds a sense of calm in them. They can be calmer when presented with unfamiliar predicaments and are generally less prone to aggression. Teaching your cat simple niceties when they’re young can be done easily during socialization as they are more receptive during this stage. Which means they can easily soak up information. Make sure that socialization activities end as positive experiences, this way they can learn to become suited to their new home. Kittens tend to go to their new home when separated from their mother and the rest of the litter.

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