Why Dog Dogs Eat Their Poop?

Poop-eating (coprophagy) is a dog trait not all of us are proud of. It’s one of those dog behaviors that can affect the relationship between owner and pet.

Here are some known reasons why a dog engages in the behavior:

• Boredom

Being alone all the time can be detrimental to your dogs psyche. The lack of mental and physical stimulation from the company of others can lead him to develop a sense a taste for poop

• Learned the behavior from their mother

Mother dogs have the natural instinct of cleaning up their puppies before they’re weaned. It can sometimes be the case that dogs imitate and acquire a similar behavior as they grow.

• Part Habit-part Yearning

Dogs are very sensitive to their diet and posses instincts that allow them to detect any deficiencies in their food intake. A slow metabolism or an inefficient digestive activity will ‘under-extract’ nutrients from their food that is why they often eat their poop to retake the undigested nutrients.

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