Portion Control to Keep Your Cat Fit

Seeing your cat being obese or overweight is a huge cause for concern because your beloved obese cat has a much higher risk of acquiring serious medical problems including but not limited to diabetes, respiratory problems, arthritis, liver disease, kidney disease, as well as some types of cancer. 

If you are like other pet owners who regularly leave pet food out and refill recently-emptied food bowls, you are also the main culprit why many cats pile on the kilos and get so overweight. 

Instead of refilling the empty food bowl of your cat regularly, you should apportion or distribute the meals throughout the day. You can divide the day's meal into at least 2 to 3 meals and distribute it evenly every single day. With this distributed meal approach, you would be able to carefully monitor and manage your cat's daily caloric intake, and therefore manage his weight or address his weight problem. 

Your pet’s diet is one of the important concerns that you should discuss with your veterinarian Leesburg, VA during your pet’s wellness checks. 


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