Dealing With Your Dog's Destructive Behavior

Your dog’s destructive behavior can spring from many reasons. It can easily get frustrating to be always cleaning up after your pet’s carnage, however, this can be prevented by addressing the root cause. If it’s your first time owning a dog then it will do you good to understand that the chances of having some of your prized belongings damaged will be high. So be cautioned. Don’t worry though, you didn’t pick the wrong pet. Dogs are naturally playful and inquisitive of their environment and sometimes they can overdo it and get themselves into trouble. But some of the common causes of destructive behavior are teething, health problems, inappropriate punishment, fears and phobias, boredom. They may even misbehave to seek their owner’s attention. However, do not confuse normal misbehavior with persistent ones, if it becomes too frequent, conscious effort should be made to address the problem before it gets too serious. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s behavior should prompt an appointment with your animal hospital Ashburn, VA. Schedule an appointment today!


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