It’s Time to Wean your Pups

If you’re raising a litter of pups, then you may be wandering when you will need to start the weaning process. Don’t worry, you can simply ask your vet for help in setting up a particular timeline. Weaning is typically done around 4 weeks of age and is finished by seven or eight weeks of age. Weaning is the process of reducing your pups time with the mother and reducing the dependence on the mother’s milk. During the weaning phase you may want to introduce your pups to a milk replacement in a bowl. Dip your finger in the bowl and then place the milk on the puppy’s lips to show him where to get the milk from. He will most likely experiment, but will soon learn to get the milk on his own. Towards the end of weaning you may also want to start giving your puppy moistened kibble. For more information, give your vet clinic Cornelius NC a call.


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