Peanut Butter and Dogs

Have you ever given your dog peanut butter as a special treat? Peanut butter that doesn’t contain sugars like xylitol are safe treat options for your dog. Peanut butter provides an excellent source of protein for your canine friends. It also contains heart healthy fats, vitamin B, niacin, and vitamin E which can make a wholesome snack for your pup. How you serve your dog peanut butter is up to you. There are some owners that like to stuff peanut butter in their dog’s favorite hallow chew treats such as a Kong. This can help keep your dog preoccupied and happy. Some experts recommend buying unsalted peanut butter for your pup. Some dog owners have found that the creamy peanut butter does better as a treat than the crunchy peanut butter. No matter how it comes, your pup is sure to love it. Just remember to feed in moderation. For additional information, call your local animal hospital Goodyear AZ to learn more. 


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