Chinchilla As Pets

Chinchillas can be compared to cats on the manner of keeping themselves clean. They are usually thorough in their maintenance routine. What makes it unique though, is their particular smell which they emit that discourages some people from owning them. However, if their enclosure has a regular maintenance schedule and has good ventilation, the odor can be negligible and tolerable. A Chinchillas can attract insects like mites, fleas, lice, and other external parasites because of its high-density fur. It is no wonder that they keep on wiping themselves clean. Another unique characteristic of Chinchillas is that they are very sensitive to their surrounding that they get easily stressed-out. Just like people, stress can be bad for them because it creates health and behavior problems. Early detection and elimination of their stressors or minimizing their exposure from it, is a good way of keeping them healthy.

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