Should You Get an Akita?

Dogs come in many varieties, each having it’s own peculiarity. Behavior, mood, needs, and wants. An Akita is no exception. These dogs are very known for their large physique that lend to working activities. As such, they’re quite smart and can perform relatively complex tasks. Their size can easily intimidate intruders and thus also make for good guard dogs, despite the fact the they’re quite quiet. They will, however, bark when necessary. Even though Akitas are known to be quiet and smart, their temperaments do vary so obedience training will still be required. In terms of grooming Akitas are surprisingly easy to maintain, despite having a double coat – for the most part simple brushing from time to time will do wonders. Don’t forget to include their trademark tail that curls up towards their back. 

If you’re having second thoughts about getting an Akita you can always discuss with your veterinarian Portland, OR.


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